who is taking part in the cruise?
Psycho-Sailig core crew is Dominik, Kaska and Oliver.
We take teams of 6 people on board for each cruise. 
We make every effort to make everyone comfortable. However, this cruise will be adventurous and challenging at times, pushing crew members beyond their comfort zones, which is an important part of the full experience of life under sail.

what is the budget?
The cost of a 3-day Psycho-Sailing Expedition for a team of six is €9900, and for individuals €1650 per person. 
Prices for spring 2025 cruises will be announced in November.
Complex production of visuals and all expenses are included in our budget. We take care of the catering, yacht charter, harbour fees,  fuel and boat insurance. The crew from the first day of Psycho-Sailing will be accommodated on the boat in comfortable cabins (3 nights). Participants just need to buy their plane tickets to Nice!

is the upcoming Psycho-Sailing Trial Expedition still available?
Yes! There are free places on the yacht for the upcoming Psycho-Sailing cruises this autumn. Choose the best date for you and your team from 4 cruises:
I team: 29.09-1.10.2024 
II team: 2-4.10.2024 
III team: 6-8.10.2024 
IV team: 9-11.10.2024
when the sailing begins?
Upcoming Psycho-Sailing Expeditions will take place in September/October. Each cruise will last 3 days:
I team  
28.09.2024 arrival (hotel accommodation)
29.09-1.10.2024 Psycho-Sailing
2.10.2024 departure

II team 
1.10.2024 arrival  (hotel accommodation)
2-4.10.2024 Psycho-Sailing
5.10.2024 departure

III team  
5.10.2024 arrival
6-8.10.2024 Psycho-Sailing
9.10.2024 departure

IV team
8.10.2024 arrival (hotel accommodation)
9-11.10.2024 Psycho-Sailing 
12.10.2024 departure
The next Psycho-Sailing cruises will be scheduled in May 2025.
what about visual material for individuals?
After the Psycho-Sailing Trial Expedition, each individual participant will receive a package of 10 professional photos. We are also going to make one video about the Psycho-Sailing Trial Expedition.
Crew members are free to use photo packages and share video on social media profiles. 
what visuals will be created for the team?
The outcome of the Psycho-Sailing Trial Expedition will be:
- professional video up to 1-2 minutes in length
- 60 selected images after advanced post-production 
can those without sailing experience take part?
Yes! Our crew will help participants learn basic sailing skills. 
If participants have already had experience with sailing and want to develop their passion, we will support them in doing so. 
how to prepare?
Two weeks before the cruise, we will send participants a detailed list  list of basic tips to guide safe sailing.
Here is what you will need to pack for a sailing trip: THE LIST
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