What is positive psychology?
During the cruise, Oliver will introduce each participant to the basics of positive psychology, which aims to help people grow by discovering their personal motivations and character strengths and using them to improve well-being. It has been proven that better well-being leads to better relationships with others and better performance at work. By becoming more aware of what drives you and why, you will find more meaning and passion in your life.

What are Oliver's coaching methods?
Oliver successfully uses the AECdisc® personality analysis. A powerful tool that helps understand various personality types. After gaining a deeper understanding of their personality, participants will learn how to effectively profile others and build relationships based on the other person's personality type. Different personality types have different communication preferences, so with Oliver's support, crewmembers will learn to change their communication style to better respond to the other person.

photo: Kaśka Jankiewicz

photo: Kaśka Jankiewicz
photo: Kaśka Jankiewicz
Watch our video and learn more about the Center of Positive For Psychology founded by Oliver in Nice!
concept & storytelling: Kaśka Jankiewicz & Dominik Werner
production, art direction, photo shooting, casting and copywriting: Kaśka Jankiewicz
camera and drone filming, light and sound, film editing, video post-production: Dominik Werner
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